Juvenile Southern Crested Caracara portrait

Southern Crested Caracara portrait
Southern Caracara portrait

Lapataia, Tierra del Fuego
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I saw this magnificent caracara bird after a long, long day hiking in the the forest of Tierra del Fuego NP. It showed little or no interest in me, so it was an easy task to take a few photos.

King of the Tierra del Fuego NP

The Southern Crested Caracara often steels food from the much smaller Chimango Caracaras, or they can be seen walking around on the ground looking for somthing to eat. One of the park rangers told me about the dominant nature of these birds, and that the local foxes avoided areas close to nesting Southern Crested Caracaras.

Photographer Allan Hansen

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Juvenile Southern Crested Caracara portrait. Tierra del Fuego NP
The king of all caracaras in Tierra del Fuego. Afraid of nothing. Very easy to photograph if you can find one who will pose for you.